Trip Cancellation

A cancellation is defined as providing notice to the Transportation Office prior to your scheduled pick up. Customers may cancel a trip by utilizing the agency’s answering machine that is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The number is 570-253-4280. Excessive use of cancellations may result in sanctions. Please see the Sanctions section, below.

No Show

A no show is defined as a customer failing to cancel his/her scheduled ride(s) when he or she no longer needs or requires a ride, and the driver arrives or is en route to the customer’s residence for scheduled pick up.

1. Failure to contact the transportation office prior to your scheduled pick up will result in a “no show,” and sanctions will begin.
2. If the customer is not on board the vehicle within five minutes of the arrival of transportation, the customer will be considered a “no show,” and sanctions will begin.


The Wayne County Transportation System may take the following actions with consumers who repeatedly no-show or have excessive use of cancellations:
1. Require consumers to reconfirm transportation details the morning of or the night before. If details cannot be confirmed, the ride will not be provided.
2. Require consumers to schedule trips no more than one ride at a time.
3. Require consumers to travel with an escort.


Exceptions may be heard on a case-by-case basis. Examples of an exception may be hospitalization of the customer or death in the family.

Circumstances that are exceptions to this policy do not count as no-shows. Exceptions may be limited to the following: Customer called prior to 7:30 a.m., but the driver was not notified and showed up at the customer’s curb; the driver is over 30 minutes late for the scheduled pick up; or the customer could not call to cancel the ride due to an emergency situation.

Appeal Process

We are required to give you a written notice if we deny your request for MATP transportation or for mileage reimbursement. We are also required to give you written notice in advance if we plan to reduce or change your services or suspend you from the program for any length of time. The notice will tell you the reasons for our action, when the action will go into effect, and your rights to appeal from the action.