Reservation takers will route and schedule each trip request at the time the reservation is placed. Ride confirmation numbers and “ready times” will be given to the passenger. Times and/or days may need to be negotiated. Passengers should expect the bus within 30 minutes after the negotiated “ready time,” and must board the bus upon arrival. A delay by the passenger in boarding more than five minutes after the “ready time” may result in a service denial.

Cancellations, Lateness & No Shows

Passengers must cancel unwanted trips at least two hours in advance. Waiting times are limited and counted as a “no show” if a consumer does not get on the vehicle at pick-up.

A documented pattern of untimely cancellation notice, “no shows,” or lateness for reasons within the passenger’s control will result in service denial on a long-term basis. For more information, please see the No Show policies.

Service Quality

Schedules will allow adequate time for passengers to complete boarding or disembarking from the vehicle.

Prohibiting Disruptive Behavior

Service will immediately be denied on a long-term basis to passengers who engage in violent, seriously disruptive, or illegal conduct.

Such conduct includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Providing false information in order to qualify for certification
  • Threats or fear of physical or verbal abuse
  • Unauthorized use of equipment on the vehicle
  • Unlawful harassment, including unwelcome verbal, nonverbal, or physical behavior having sexual or racial connotations
  • Voluntarily and repeatedly violating bus riding rules, including smoking on the bus, standing while it is in motion, eating or drinking without medical indication, or defacing equipment

Or refusing to comply with other requirements specified in the policies above.