Woodsmen's Competition

Saturday, Aug. 13, 2022, at 1 pm

at the Wayne County Fair, Route 191, Honesdale

 The region’s lumberjacks and ‘jills wield axes, chainsaws and other equipment in a series of individual and doubles events.

Two lumberjacks use cant hooks to roll a log toward the pins at the Woodsmen's Competition.The competition has grown even fiercer since the Wayne Conservation District, which organizes the contest each year, raised the prize money in the events in 2017. First place finishes will earn the competitors $100, $75 for second and $50 for third place.

The program includes three classes of Chain Sawing events, where contestants make three complete cuts in a rounded log, and the fastest time wins. Time also determines the winner in the Super Swede Bow Saw competition in which each entrant makes one complete cut with this hand-held saw.

Competitors pair up for the Two Person Cross Cut, the co-ed Jack & Jill Cross Cut and the Log Rolling competitions, but the big crowd pleaser is the Axe Throwing Contest, in which competitors throw either a double or single-headed axe with a handle at least 24 inches long at a stationary target from a distance of 20 feet. The highest score wins.

The Tree Felling contests return this year with both the chainsaw and skilled tree felling events back on the schedule. During the tradition event, contestants try to fell a pole onto a pin they placed themselves.  In the professional event, timber harvesters are also scored on accuracy, cutting technique as well as placement nearest the target the cutter sets.

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