Preserving Our Resources

Wayne Conservation district is committed to promoting wise use and appropriate conservation practices to preserve our many resources in Wayne County.  We have some great waters here in Wayne County and the Wayne Conservation District is one of a number of organizations what works hard to maintain our exceptional water quality for present and future generations!


Special Protections Waters

Approximately 94% of Wayne County is classified as being in a Special Protection Watershed.  That means the waters are classified as High Quality(89.46%) or Exceptional Value(4.64%).  Here is a Map of Our Watersheds.  

River Basins

Most of Wayne County is comprised of the Delaware River Basin, and some to the west is within the Susquehanna River Basin which eventually drains to the Chesapeake Bay.


Wetlands are an integral part of a healthy ecosystem.  Wetlands serve to absorb excess water during flooding, and store water for times of drought.  Wetlands filter pollutants from the water before it enters other streams or the groundwater.  Wetlands are a crucial buffer in many ways and a home for a large variety of plants and animals.

Unfortunately it’s estimated that over 50% of the wetlands in the United States have been drained from their natural conditions.  Recognizing their critical role in the environment and our nations security and infrastructure, the United States Army Corps of Engineers(USACE) plays a major role in the protection and management of wetlands.

Water Encroachment

As part of maintaining our pristine watersheds the Wayne Conservation District had entered a delegation agreement with the Department of Environmental Protection to issue Chapter 105 General Permits, or Water Encroachment Permits.  Simply put, these are permits for small projects like docks, utility crossings, stream-bank stabilizations, etc.


Through our delegation agreement we may issue these permits ensuring that your permit application and project falls within the guidelines established by the USACE and the DEP.  WCD can answer questions, provide guidance, and assist in finding solutions to your water encroachment concerns.  Frequently we can get a permit issued the same day you come in to apply!