Mindfulness for Teenagers


 My name is Catherine.  I am a prevention specialist and educator.  Being a teenager is hard enough, but these past two months have made it even harder.  There is a lot you have missed out on; prom, spring sports, school play performances, band and chorus concerts, academic competitions, finishing your Senior, Junior, Sophomore and Freshman school year with your friends and peers.  I understand these are big changes in your lives.  What can we do to help you find balance during these times?

I am here to support you in this beautiful thing called life.  I have and will continue to create and share videos for you to help you navigate through the challenges.  I will provide you with some resources and coping tools.  Many of these tools are used by some of the most famous athletes, actors and CEO’s all over the world. 

              To begin, I want you to understand how your brain works, I will try hard to entertain you while providing you with information.  I also want to introduce you to mindfulness. You deserve a bright future, you have worth.  Oh, the places you will go. . . let’s start the journey.

Yours Truly,

Catherine Vargo