Prospective Bidders

Current Guidelines

In accordance with Act Number 133, approved on 12/21/98, P.L. 1368, Number 542, All Prospective Bidders must submit a Certification of Bidder Form (PDF) signed by each purchaser and notarized. Pursuant to Section 619.1 of the Real Estate Tax Sale Law, 72 P.S. Should the Wayne County Tax Claim Bureau find that delinquent taxes are due, no deed will be issued until all taxes are paid in full.

 New Guidelines Take Effect for September 17, 2021 Upset Tax Sale

PA Governor Tom Wolf signed Act 33 on June 30, 2021, which requires all bidders to pre-register for tax sales at least 10 days before the sale. It also requires businesses and limited liability corporations to list their officers and investors.

Additionally, a Certification Form must be filled out stating the applicant is not delinquent in paying real estate taxes, is not bidding for or acting as an agent for a person who is barred from participating in the sale; and has not engaged in or permitted an uncorrected housing code violation, failed to maintain property in a reasonable manner, or permitted the use of the property in an unsafe, illegal or unsanitary manner.

To register, the following forms must be filed with the Tax Claim Office:

  • Certification of Bidder Form (filled out and signed by anyone who is being put on the deed, and Notarized)
  • Bidder Registration Form (for the appropriate sale)
  • Copy of Driver’s License or Real ID
  • $25 Pre-Registration Non-Refundable Fee 

Those who do not pre-register by the deadline will not be able to participate in the sale. 

Registration Deadlines

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