How is my property’s value determined?

The market value of your property is determined by using the property data that was collected earlier in the project.   Digital photos will be taken of all improved properties (parcels with structures), and then data mailers will be sent to ask you to verify that the collected data is correct.  Tyler Technologies Inc., the company hired by the county to work in conjunction with the county’s own Tax Assessment Office, will analyze recent sales of similar properties, and consider construction costs and income and expense information, when appropriate.

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1. Why is the County reassessing?
2. Will the County, School, or Municipalities collect more taxes as a result of the reassessment?
3. When will the new assessed value take effect?
4. How is my property’s value determined?
5. What is market value?
6. How can I tell if my new value is correct?
7. Should the preliminary assessed value be the same as the purchase price for my property?
8. Are exemptions included in this preliminary value?
9. What if I feel the preliminary value is not close to my property’s value?
10. When will I learn the results of the informal review?
11. What if I am still not satisfied with my assessment?
12. If I don’t schedule an informal review, do I lose my right to file a formal appeal?