Voting in Wayne County

2020 Election Podcast

An image linking to the audio for a Radio Ad explaining the different ways to vote on Nov. 3.

Election Facts and FAQs:

Hello Wayne County,

This is Jocelyn Cramer, Chair of the Wayne County Board of Elections. My fellow Commissioners and board of elections members Brian Smith and Joe Adams and I wish to help answer common questions about the upcoming election.

Every voter may choose to vote in person at your polling location on November 3rd or vote by mail.

Mail-in or absentee ballots can be returned by mail at the official ballot drop box in the lobby of the Wayne County Courthouse or directly to the Elections office, but not at polling locations.

Make sure your vote counts!

Place your mail in or absentee ballot first in the official secrecy envelope provided, that does not have your name on it. Then place that in the return envelope with your bar-coded return address label, and complete the back including signature and date signed.

The last day to register to vote is October 19th.The last day to postmark or deliver your mail-in ballot is November 3.

Your entire elections team is working tirelessly to ensure a safe and fair election, so please vote!

For more information visit the Bureau of Elections Webpage.